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Ro Johnson
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Sarcastic a**hole
Selfie ! by roberta3
Serial killer in training
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Anti mary sue
Once had a mary sue by shadow-otm
Also Pro helping with them (give note if you want)

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Fav. Comic
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Hardcore pasta fan <3
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Ne by roberta3


Full name:

ˈrɒnl̩dN OH R - mae

Nickname(s) or Alias: Ron, Ronny,Nald

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 22

Birthday: 11.01.1993

Sexuality: Straight
, well slightly curious.


Religion: Born Christian but claims his self as Atheist

City or town of birth: West Virginia

Currently lives: West Virginia or Kentucky

Languages spoken: English and a bit of Spanish

Native language: English

Relationship Status: In a relationship


Height: 6'2

Weight: 64 kg/ 127 pounds

Figure/build: Thin
, slightly muscular arms and legs.

Hair color: Blonde with some darker locks

Hairstyle: He likes to keep his hair long. Down to his shoulders. He likes to keep it in a pony tail. And usually wears sloppy beanies of dark colors.

Facial Hairstyle:A dark blonde beard. He likes to keep his face clean but from time to time he's lazy.

Eye color: Black
. He was born with black eyes and a very dark
sclera.As he got older his sclera darkened. Now his sclera is almost black to the point you almost can't distinguish his pupil or iris.

Skin/fur/etc color: Palish skin as he's always in the house.

Tattoos:None but would love to.

Piercings: Eyebrow piercing on his left eyebrow, a tongue pierce.

Scars/distinguishing marks: His ears have strange scars and shape. They were mutilated when he was a child.

Preferred style of clothing: He likes dark clothes, band t-shirts, jeans
, expensive footwear.

Frequently worn jewelry/accessories: A pair of dark blue earrings.


Smoker? Yes

Drinker? Yes

Recreational Drug User?
Which? Marijuana and LSD.

Addictions: Nicotine

Allergies: None.

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Monochrome vision.
As a young child Ronald could slightly see colors. But as he grew up , he lost his color vision.

Any medication regularly taken: Antidepressants as he struggles with it. Now he's better but he still takes them to be sure.


Personality: Funny, chill and not that serious.

Likes: To crack jokes, making funny voices, acting silly, horror movies
, skating and making people around him laugh.

Dislikes: People screaming at him, putting pressure upon him, insults and hate in general

Fears/phobias: Of being alone and ignored. Favorite color: He liked dark blue and green when he could see colors.

Hobbies: Skating
, sketching and saying jokes.

Taste in music: Metal & rap-rock SKILLS

Talents/skills: Talented skater
, good at drawing, slightly good voice.

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Yes, he got his license at 17


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore. Eats anything but just a little.

Favorite food(s):Hot brown, Chinese takeout and Italian food.

Favorite drink(s): Sweet coffee with a lot of cream and cinnamon, cocktails, sodas and energy drinks.

Disliked food(s):Even if
he eats anything he hates macaroni without cheese and foods with a lot of parsley.

Disliked drink(s):Anything that isn't sweet enough for him is not for his liking.


Describe the character's house/home:The whole house is too big to describe it. Overall. A 3 story tall mansion
, lots of white and large rooms. The mansion has lots of shiny chandeliers and paintings.

Do they share their home with anyone?Who? His parents, they are mostly away with business. His best friend, Timothy Black. And the workers in his house, such as the cook, sometimes the maid,etc.

Significant/special belongings:A scarf he got from Tim and other bracelets and small stuck from him.

Level of education: Just finished high school. Takes a pause before going to college.

Qualifications: None.

Current job title and description: None as he has
financial support from his parents.

Name of employer:None


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Depends.
He's peaceful but will get aggressive as soon as possible.

Fighting skills/techniques: Nothing really special. Street fighting much.

Special skills/magical powers/etc:He's street smart.

Weapon of choice (if any): None.

Weaknesses in combat: Getting him in his stomach and face.

Strengths in combat: If he gets to the ground he will surly screw your legs badly.

And he uses dirty tricks.


Parents names:Dolores & Noah Norman.

Are parents alive or dead? They are alive and well.

Is the character still in contact with their parents? Of course, but they see each other

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Other Important Relatives: He thinks of Tim as his brother.

Partner/Spouse: Ro Johnson.
Elis Mairenn. (Adopted daughter)

Best Friend: Timothy Black.

Other Important Friends: Tim is the only one. He usually spends time with him and only him.

Acquaintances: John 
Redstone, Troy King, etc (other Oc)

Pets:None Enemies? Why are they enemies? None. He's fine with people but some people in his high school would hate on him.


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10):

He was born on 11.01.1993. The doctors noticed the dark color of his eyes. He grew up as a spoiled child until the age of 6. At the age of 6 he has abducted for money. The abductors went as far as mutilating Ronald's ears and sending pictures to Ronald's family
. They finally got the money and they gave Ronald back. He was directly sent in surgery to reconstruct his ears. His hearing is kinda broken but recovers quickly.He's ears are now scarred and misshaped.

At the age of 7 he had problems with his appearance now that his ears are ugly and eyes are darker
. He won't stay around kids in class because he was afraid of rejection and being picked on. He spoiled behavior disappeared and he turned into a shy and quite kid that spend the time in his room alone.

Ron got his first skateboard at 9. After watching some kids skating when he was 8
,he wanted one very much. His father got him one after Ronald got the courage to ask for one.

Describe their teenage years (11 - 19):

Ronald opened a little at the age of 11. He got some friends when he was in 5th grade. He self esteem was still low but some of his friends supported him. He met Tim at the age of 13 when he was outside with his skateboard. He got to know him very well and after that he got to welcome him to live with him and his parents. (Under some circumstances Tim needed to stay somewhere therefor he was somehow homeless.) He stared smoking at the age of 14 and drinking at 15.

After his first girlfriend died at 14 in a fire. The fire was set with Molotov cocktails. This threw Ronald in a mild depressive state. Timothy supported him as much as he could. Even sleeping next to him during the night he felt alone or sad.

he turned 16 his parents allowed him to throw a party in a club. He invited almost all of his friends. Except Tim who wasn't feeling well and some kids who weren't allowed to go. The club was locked up at midnight because no one wanted strangers and creeps to enter to the club. The punchline was that the club catches fire. They fail to open the door and they aim for the windows. The windows were thick so it took longer than it should to brake them.
 When they finally broke one of them someone pushed Ron out. He fell 6 feet on his back. Some of his friends followed soon after. Ronald suffered of minor injuries and remained with some scars from when he fell on the broken glass.

Most of the kids who were there died from intoxication with the fumes and flames and some injured from jumping out the window. Ronald felt guilty for years after the incident even if the owned of the club was found guilty for the fire. The fire started from faulty wiring and poorly installed gas pipes. This made Ron's mental state worse. At the age of 18 being under medication for depression.

Those events pushed Ronald to suicide over the years. Including wrist slitting, trying to poison the whole supper he was going to have with his family(excepting Tim) and hanging. All of them were stopped by Timothy. Ronald would hide his pain with jokes and would make Tim laugh because he loves to make people laugh. The absence of his parents did no good to him ether.

Describe their adult years (20+):

Ron meet Ro in his early 20's and after a long and hard struggle to get to her, he finally got close enough. Ron claims to love Ro dearly. Tim is jealous because all the attention was on Ro. He grew to like Ro too after a while. Ron would spare his time with both of them. Usually you can find him on the sofa with both Ro and Tim leaning on Ronald. He got reed of most of his depression. He spends more time in the sun, outdoors. Now he's a somehow one okay individual.
Ronald Norman-OC
I know the drawing is messy. But it's the best I got. I hope it's not too far with his backstory. 

Bio Sheet made by :iconttotheaffy

Ronald is mine ;3 

I'm stating a new drawing for my best friend's birthday and I'M SO CONFUSED. WHAT SHOULD I DO? geeeeeezzzz *existential crisis*  
Selfie ! by roberta3
Selfie !
Here's a pic mixed with a drawing of Ro !  :3 It's here for no reason. It's just for fun. 
Kyoko Hanabusa by roberta3
Kyoko Hanabusa
I did some kind of art trade with MashiManxxx 
Kyoko is kinda adorable.  :3 I love her design.
I choose to draw Kyo-chan in her ''funeral outfit''. I added a flower that's mostly present in Japanese funerals . It went well with her outfit. I truly believe that she's a great character.
Here's her Ref sheet .
Kyoko is owned by :iconmashimanxxx: 
I hope you like it! :3 :happybounce: La la la la Meow :3 Hug  

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