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Portrait of Luesis Elenor (Die) 2 by roberta3
Portrait of Luesis Elenor (Die) 2
Like i said she's mah bitch. :3 
Face belongs to (bitch)…
Love ya' crayon eater motherfucker idijit :'3 
Portrait of Luesis Elenor (Die) by roberta3
Portrait of Luesis Elenor (Die)
She's bae (lel no) She's mah bitch i'm her nigga. She own me a bear and a gum pack QWQ
(ugly ) Face belogs to…
Ps: love u Die
*nameless because I'm so fucking tired* by roberta3
*nameless because I'm so fucking tired*
Look ,Jack! It's finally done! :D I'm so tired QWQ but i'm proud as fuck.
:3 This is Ro Johnson vs Scairp
Ro belongs to me (mein,only mein QWQ)
Scairp belongs to BaptismOnFire  
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

Full Name:  Ro Johnson

Meaning of name: Firs 2 letters of my name (duuh)

Nickname(s): Ro, R.J. , J.J (She took her father's
nickname )

Creepypasta Name: Ro Johnson / Ro(she's mass
serial killer for lord sake V.V'' )

How Did They Get This Name and Why: I had an
obsession with jeff the killer and i started making
pastas at first I was the killer in the story but after
that i changed my mind and I made a different

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Date of Birth: 31/10/1994 (European date setting)

Place of Birth: Kentucky

Race/Species: Human  

Native language: USA English

Languages spoken: USA English

Orientation/Sexual Preference: Straight

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Religion: Christian

Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): None (not
even middle school student )

Are They Dead: Nope
If Yes, How’d They Die: And NOPE again

Date of Death: 3th NOPE

Place of Death: 4th NoPE


Blood type: 0-

Mental Disorder: Schizophrenia / OCD

Phobia(s): None

Allergies: none

Habits: Smoking ,Drinking sometimes doing drugs

Powers/Special Abilities: Strong and Genius


Height: 1.80 /5'10''

Weight: 50 kg/110 pounds

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hairstyle: Simple ,straight ,long ,covering right eye

Eye color: Light Brown

Piercings: none

Tattoos: none

Scars/Weird Marking(s): despite of the beatings
and fights she has none.

Birthmark: none again

Skin: pale white

Clothing/Style: Dark blue jeans ,white simple long
t-shirt, black long hoodie with zipper & knee high
black Converse.

Jewelry/Accessories: none

Scent: sweet/blood

Weapon(s): usually a knife(i mean she can kill
anyone with anything o.O)

Physical Disorder/Disability: None

Never Seen Without: her white T-shirt

Other: She's created to be ''the perfect one''


Overall: ''Serious careless-bitch''

Likes: quite, books, malboro, rubik cubes, punk
music &metal music  

Dislikes: Humans

Hobbies: Singing , cleaning, killing&shit

Most Prized Possession: hoodie from her father


Pet Peeve: none

Worst Way To Die: being killed by number 3(not
KND related)/ overdose
Best Way To Die: killed by her beloved Ron

Worst Way To Kill: smashing victims head to a wall
until they die
Best Way To Kill (how they kill): usually stabbing
,poisoning etc

Targets To Killing: ''Any-fucking-one''

Others: she's hot headed  

Motto(s): ''People who sleep are weak minds.
Having the desire, the need of sleep and dreams
make them addicts.''

Crush/Greatest Love: Ron Norman

Love Song: Eminem - Superman

Theme Song: Sweet dreams- Marilyn manson

Battle Song: Anything from Marilyn Manson

Favorite Season(s): none
Least Favorite Season(s): Autumn

Favorite Food(s): Home made potato soup by her
Least Favorite Food(s): Maybe all of them

Favorite Drink(s): ALL
Least Favorite Drink(s): none

Favorite Color(s): she likes non-colors and Red
Least Favorite Color(s): Maybe all of them

Favorite Number(s): 2,5, 25 & 6 . and mixes of
Least Favorite Number(s): 3,5

Favorite Holiday(s): Halloween
Least Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas

Favorite Animal(s): Cats ,rats ,frogs , spiders &
Least Favorite Animal(s): fishes

Favorite Music: Punk , Metal , dubstep, rap
Least Favorite Music: pop

Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): She likes all the shows
Least Favorite Show/Movie(s): music tops and shit

Favorite Flower(s): Roses
Least Favorite Flower(s): lilies

Favorite Smell(s): vanilla
Least Favorite Smell(s): none

Favorite Flavor(s): vanilla ,spicy
Least Favorite Flavor(s): none

Favorite Meal: dinner with home made potato soup
by her mother
Least Favorite Meal: none (for her every meal is

Favorite Place(s): cemetery ,in Ron's hug
Least Favorite Place(s): Ex home where her
parents died

Favorite Song(s): She like a lot of songs
Least Favorite song(s): every kind of pop

Favorite Video Game(s): dead trigger , Alice
madness returns
Least Favorite Video Game(s): pokemon

Favorite Subject(s): none
Least Favorite Subject(s): none

Favorite Shiny Thing(s): Rings
Least Favorite Shiny Thing(s): bracelets

Seiyuu (Voice Actor/Actress): i'm not sure


Name: Susan Johnson
Age: 35
Hair Style: straight
Hair Color: dark brown
Eyes Color: light brown

Name: Jackson Johnson
Age: 38
Gender: male
Hair Style: short
Hair Color: light brown
Eyes Color: dark brown

Name: Anna Johnson
Age: 12
Gender: female
Hair Style: straight
Hair Color: dark brown
Eyes Color: dark brown
_ View On Him/Her:

~Best friend~
Name: Jimmy Piece / John Redstone
Age: 22/ 24
Gender: male /male
Hair Style: long /long
Hair Color: black hair /long
Eyes Color: light blue/black
_ View On Him/Her:

Pet(s): once she had a cat and a spider,Once

Other Pasta’s Thoughts:

Ro’s Thoughts On Him: tall motherfucker

Ro’s Thoughts On Him: slender pinkie pie

Ro’s Thoughts On Him: tall fancy bitch

Offenderman (aka Smexy):
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: mother fucker

Ticci Toby:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: Now this guy is okay ^.^

Lost Silver:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: pokebitch

Ro’s Thoughts On Him: pokebitch

Glitchy Red:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: bitch again

Eyeless Jack:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: motherfucker with no eyes

Laughing Jack:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: clown bitchy mother fucker

Smile Dog:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: it's a dog. dogs are okay
with me

Jeff the Killer:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: SON OF A BITCH

Homicidal Liu:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him:Nice bro of that son of a

Ben Drowned:
Ro’s Thoughts On Him: one kawaii sugoi desune
ass fucker
Creepypasta OC :Ro Johnson
yep yep i did this .
 This bio sheet belongs to :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery
  Ro's  is mine :3(of-fucking-home)


Ro Johnson
about my profile pic: I like it so fucking much!

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